Volume 1. Issue 1 (Jun 2011)
Volume 1. Issue 2 (Dec 2011)
Volume 1. Issue 2
S. No. Paper Title
- Himani Joshi, Dr. R. K. Srivastava
-Dr. Govind P. Shinde, Dr. Manisha Dubey
- Dr. R. K. Srivastava, Rasheedul Haque
Volume 3. Issue 2 (Dec 2013)
Volume 3. Issue 2
S. No. Paper Title
1. Trends, Opportunities & Challenges in Small Scale And Cottage Industries In Uttar Pradesh
- Pandey, Dr. Vivekanand;
2. Constrained Economic Load Dispatch Using Evolutionary Technique
- Singh, Nagendra; Kumar, Yogendra;
3. Robust, Effective And Flexible Software Architecture of E-Governance Based on Design Patterns For Indian Administrative Services
- Rao, L. Manjunatha; Rama Krishna, Dr. S.;
4. MCAP: Multiple Client Access Protocol
- Rathore, Ravindra Singh;
5. Model Framework for Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Mobile Devices
- Siddiqui, A. T.;
Volume 4. Issue 2 (Dec 2014)
Volume 5. Issue 2 (Dec 2015)
Volume 6. Issue 1 (Jun 2016)

Volume: 06 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Review of Cyber Crime in India: An Overview
AuthorAuthor 1: Nidhi Kataria Chawla AuthorAuthor 2: Aarti Singh
2. Double-Diffusive Instability of Couple-Stress Binary Rivlin-Ericksen Visco-Elastic Fluid Mixture in Porous Medium
AuthorAuthor 1:Sudhir KumarAuthorAuthor 2: Rimple Pundir
3. A Review Paper On E-Commerce
AuthorAuthor 1: S. A. BhatAuthorAuthor 2: K. Kansana AuthorAuthor 3: J. M. Khan
4. Role of Corporate Reputation, Brand Awareness & Expected Service Quality on Consumer Attitudinal Loyalty: A study on Telecommunication sector of Patna
AuthorAuthor 1: Kishore Bhattacharjee
5. A Review on Strategies for growing E-commerce in India
AuthorAuthor 1: Aarti Singh AuthorAuthor 2: Nidhi Kataria Chawla
6. An Enhanced Multi-Modal Biometric System for Secure User Identification
AuthorAuthor 1: Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui AuthorAuthor 2: Bansal, Dr. Vaibhav;
7. Challenge for E-Commerce in India
AuthorAuthor 1: Archana Srivastava
8. An Efficient Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
AuthorAuthor 1: Rahul, Mohd; AuthorAuthor 2:Bansal, Dr. Vaibhav;
9. An Augmentation of Data Collection Functioning With Implementation by Pattern Variation Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks: Novel Overview with Applications
AuthorAuthor 1: Mohd Muntjir
10. Energy Efficient Data Collection in WSN by Pattern Variation Discovery
AuthorAuthor 1: Mohd Muntjir
11. A Hybrid Intelligent Approach of Image Restoration by using Median and Decision Filtering Techniques
AuthorAuthor 1: Haque, Mohd. Junedul; AuthorAuthor 2: Bansal, Dr. Vaibhav
12. Intelligent Interaction Based on Age and Gender: A Detailed Survey
AuthorAuthor 1: Fayas Asharindavida
Volume 6. Issue 2 (Dec 2016)

Volume: 06 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. Impact of Mobile commerce in E-commerce in perspective of Indian Scenario
AuthorAuthor 1: Aarti Singh
2. Assessment of Technologies for Quasi Govt and Govt Discoms in National Capital Region and Development of Power Distribution Technology Implementation Index
AuthorAuthor 1: Khurana, Vipin; AuthorAuthor 2: Prakash, Varun; AuthorAuthor 3: Rao, ORS;
3. Financial Performance Evaluation of Cement-Majors in India: An Application of TOPSIS Method
AuthorAuthor 1: Rohit Kumar
4. Optimizing OLSR Protocol for VANET
AuthorAuthor 1: Gupta, Kanika; AuthorAuthor 2: Kohli, Saurabh;
5. Review of Data Mining In WSN
AuthorAuthor 1: Priyanka
6. Review of various Change Detection Techniques for Hyperspectral Images
AuthorAuthor 1: Khanday, Waseem Ahmad; AuthorAuthor 2: Kumar, Kamal;
7. To Enhance the Performance of Relay Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Networks over Nakagami-M-Channels
AuthorAuthor 1: Anand, Deepti; AuthorAuthor 2: Sharma, Er. Himanshu;
8. Change Detection in Hyper Spectral Images
AuthorAuthor 1: Khanday, Waseem Ahmad; AuthorAuthor 2: Kumar, Kamal;
Volume 7. Issue 1(Jun 2017)

Volume: 07 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. A Review Paper on the Impact of Income Tax and Inflation on Salary
AuthorAuthor 1: Sanaullah
2. Security Issues related to Wireless Sensor Networks: Attacks, Challenges and Countermeasures
AuthorAuthor 1: Kumar, Sushil;
3. A Framework for Classification of Stressed and Hypertensive Patients
AuthorAuthor 1: Komal; AuthorAuthor 2:Panjeta, Sunil K.;
4. A Framework to Investigate Android Permissions for Malware Detection
AuthorAuthor 1: Gupta, Shivani; AuthorAuthor 2:Dhawan, Jaya;
5. Electronic Payment Security According to User's Perspective
AuthorAuthor 1: Siddiqui, Ahmad Tasnim;
6. K-mean Clustering for Data Mining: A Review
AuthorAuthor 1: Er. Shilpy; AuthorAuthor 2: Rana, Er. Rashim;
7. Improvement in Symmetric Hybrid K-Mean Clustering For the Prediction Analysis Using Normalization Techniques
AuthorAuthor 1: Er. Shilpy; AuthorAuthor 2: Rana, Er. Rashim;
8. A Brief Review of Lip Reading Recognition Techniques
AuthorAuthor 1: Naqvi, Syed Sabeel Abbas; AuthorAuthor 2: Shrivastav, Gaurav;
Volume 7. Issue 2(Dec 2017)

Volume: 07 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. The Effect of Organizational Culture and Leadership Style towards Employee Engagement and Their Impact towards Employee Loyalty
AuthorAuthor 1: Muhammad Abbas
2. A Hybrid Approach for Speech Recognition Using Visual Features
AuthorAuthor 1: Naqvi, Syed Sabeel Abbas; AuthorAuthor 2: Shrivastav, Gaurav;
3. Stimulating Contributions of Islamia College Peshawar
AuthorAuthor 1: Khan, Ismail; AuthorAuthor 2: Shah, Dr. Jehangir;
4. Analysing Soundness and Efficiency of Banking in India
AuthorAuthor 1: Mishra, Dr. Manoj Kumar;
5. A Study of Multicollinearity in Estimation of Coefficients in Ridge Regression
AuthorAuthor 1: Mishra, Dr. Manoj Kumar;
6. Review Paper on Evolution and Need of System Analysis and Design
AuthorAuthor 1: Srivastava, Archana;
Volume 8. Issue 1(June 2018)

Volume: 08 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. FDI in Retail Is the Need of the Hour
AuthorAuthor 1: Priti, Dr. Chetna;
2. A Study on Client Satisfaction towards Life Insurance Corporation of India
AuthorAuthor 1: Kumar, Ashok;
3. Attaining Sustainable Development through Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment
AuthorAuthor 1: Priti, Dr. Chetna;
Volume 8. Issue 2(Dec18 Jan19)

Volume: 08 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. An Empirical Exploration to Impact of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) on Human Health
AuthorAuthor 1: Muntjir, Mohd; AuthorAuthor 2: Rahul, Mohd;
2. The Impact of Social Media on Purchasing Intentions of Green Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Abdollahbeigi, Bentolhoda; AuthorAuthor 2: Salehi, Farhang;
3. Effective of Using the Financial and Credit System in Increasing the Competitiveness of Unemployed Youth
AuthorAuthor 1: Zikriyayev, Zokir Mamirovich;
4. Training Tendencies of Perspectives in the System of Training Education
AuthorAuthor 1: Alijonov, Utkirjon Maxamadalievich;
5. Management of the Reproduction Process of the Main Capital of the Railway Company
AuthorAuthor 1: Gulamov, Abdulaziz Abdullayevich;
6. Theory of Development of the Localization Program in the Railway Transport System of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Hamraev, Djamshid Panjievich;
7. Improving Human Resource Management in the Oil and Fat Industry Based on Structural Changes
AuthorAuthor 1: Kasymova, Dilorom Sabirovna; AuthorAuthor 2: Azlarova, D. A.;
8. Features of Historical and Cultural Tourism and the Factors of Its Development
AuthorAuthor 1: Ruziev, Shokhruzbek;
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